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Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is found on a hilltop overlooking the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus, and the Sea of Marmara. It was built by the Genoese in 1.348 as the chief tower in the city walls of Galata. After suffering heavy damage in a great earthquake in 1509, the tower was repaired by Architect Hayreddin. The tower is therefore Turkish-made from 13 meters up.

lso used as a dungeon, the tower was mostly used as a look out place to spot the outbreak of fires. The city was continuously surveyed and upon the sighting of a fire the public were warned by the beating of a large drum. The 62 meter-high tower (65.9 with the flag-staff) is now a popular tourist attraction, with facilities including a restaurant on the top floor. The balcony ringing the top floor affords a panoramic view of İstanbul and is an ideal place to observe the city.

Open: from 09:00 to 17:00
Entrance Fee: 20 TL